Virtual Season 4

E 'playing a major initiative on the forum! Thank Viconia parties are preparing to write a fourth set of Roswell designed by Italian fans.

"As in other countries have already written to virtual serial roswell I wondered why can not we? It should establish a pattern, and find an appropriate ending to please everyone. Obviously everything will be divided by episodes

Then serve: 1) scrittici who want to work in a team, I would opt to write the dreamer to dreamere and those candy to candy, then if qlcn wants to give to the other characters so be it, otherwise the ce is divided into two equal parts) No. of episodes, their titles and plot of the episode 3) who writes nn cmq can participate to try lyrics adapted to suggest the plot, suggesting jokes .... and QNT else can serve away with ideas .... "

I'm glad that your comments are always numerous, now you are a close-knit team of readers.

I would like to remember, however, that the "comments" is for writing impressions on the history and absolutely should not be used for your conversations (for what we have a forum), most of all I would avoid reading incitements to writers / translators to update their stories (things like, "So when you insert the chapter", "we're doing to wait too"), please note that this writer does for passion but also has a private life and the commitments that it is right to take precedence , it is not pleasant to feel her breath on his neck and is unrewarding.

Love for Roswell and its characters brought fans from around the world to create stories and images that go beyond the episodes of our favorite TV show.

I am hoping for a more understanding attitude or I'll be forced to disable comments Enjoy your stay

How to Insert Images

As some have written to me to know how to insert images into their own fanfiction, I decided to write a little explanation here that you will find in the Help section.

Roswellino Forewarned is forearmed!

From the imagination of fans and webmistress is born this:

Forum @ Fanitalia A forum for free speech not only of Roswell and other TV series, but also movies, comics, books and so much more !!

From your account, choose "Manage images", then "load image" (the image must be present on your PC and the maximum size 200 x 200) you'll see a box where you must enter the directory where holds the image to your hard drive. Once the image has loaded successfully returned to "manage images" and you'll find the code that will display the image, to be included in the text of fanfiction. I hope it is clear to everyone. For any questions just ask:).

We've heard so much the lack of this place. But finally here it is. A great space for all your fanfiction (Italian and not).

There are many new features to discover, among which we mark the ability to insert small images within the stories.

You can start entering your masterpieces in these pages, follow the general rules of the forum and if you have a problem you can contact me by sending me an email. Do not wait to register? Happy reading!

Roswellitalia Chat's meet to talk about anything and everything !!

We return active !!

For technical problems in recent days you could not enter nuovefanfiction. Eventually the problem was resolved and you can return to post :) Come on, what are you waiting ?? That is an alien and save you from a monotonous life?

Often, the editors of the journal write comments, thoughts and considerations about the stakes, to news about Roswell and so on.

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who are reviving the forum of fan fiction. Thank Viconia which was proclaimed champion of Fan Fiction ... No one can escape it (not even myself who knows that must post its ... lol) I beg you, guys, keep it up, I'm proud of you! :)

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