The Diary Of Liz

Here you can find all that Liz wrote in his diary ... A small window on the heart of a beautiful girl.


September 23. It 'the first time that I keep a diary. I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Since then ... happened to me very strange things ...

I could hear everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I saw really who was Max Evans .. And I saw myself as he saw me. And the most amazing thing was that, in his eyes, I was beautiful.

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Max Evans gave me such strength ... it's like my whole life was changed in an instant. But the weirdest thing ... is this wonderful thing happened to me ... with an alien! Today is September 24, I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But then I happened a wonderful thing .... and I began to live.

The morning after

September 27. My name is Liz Parker and I will never look at the stars as before ... In fact I'll never look at anything the same way! What did Max Evans mean when he said "I'll see you in school"? He meant "I can not breathe until we meet again" or was it just something someone says so as not to shut up ...? And what is he thinking right now? Is he also obsessed, tortured ... pass from one to another sleepless night wondering how it will end between us?

What strikes the Czechs ... And 'who look incredibly magnetic ...

Roswellino Forewarned is forearmed!

Since I found out about Max and Michael and Isabel I thought a lot about the secrets. For every person who has a secret, there's someone else who needs to know that secret. Sometimes having a secret makes you feel isolated from others ... But a secret can also give you the feeling of having something in common with someone else ... And now even I Liz Parker, the most normal girl of this city, with a life trivial .... even I have something to hide. ...


Listening to the speeches of Miss Topolsky I realized it was not my future that I worried about my future was full of promise, I just had to deal with the present.

The future had always been clear to me: a straight path towards my goal. I had never thought about the fact that there might be a crossroads, I guess this is to make life more interesting! The fact that people open, ready to welcome new amici..a change your mind, not to be afraid of the unexpected.

Leaving Normal

And 'October 19, I'm Liz Parker and I have a thought that haunts me: my life will return to normal?

Part of me wants the security of my life as it was before: a life without surprises, where I knew what would happen ... Another part however is attracted by the unknown.

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Follow your heart is not as easy as people think. Sometimes my heart gets you where you should go ... in places that are scary though exciting, dangerous although attractive. And sometimes your heart makes you live stories that can not have a happy ending .....

And this is not even the hard part .. the hardest part, when you follow your heart, is that it abandons the normal ...

Enters into the unknown. And from there you can not go back.


It 's funny how the world sometimes seems changed. As the roads that you know very well you suddenly seem darker ... More cold. As the silence becomes extremely disturbing. As all eyes seem to scrutinize only you. And so, in the evening return home safe and sound and looks like a real victory, and at some point you begin to suspect that the world is not to be changed ... Maybe you've changed.

And so, suddenly, everything is questioned ..

October 28. I skipped a few days, but in the meantime I thought of a few things. I thought about my life before Max Evans saved me, and to my great desire for something to happen that would make me get out of the routine of school and work. Something that would become a great little town, and did grow a little bit a little girl of this small town ... What I wanted was achieved. But when Max Evans me patched the hole that I had in my stomach I realized one thing: the more you become larger, they become big problems. 285 South.

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Listening to the prof. Sommers I realized how frustrating it must be for Max Isabel and Michael do not know their history and what should be afraid that someone finds out before them. River Dogs And 'the November 11, I'm Liz Parker, I am acting without logic. My plans for last night were: Finish the work shift, have dinner with my parents, half hour chat on the phone with Maria and finally solve a geometry problem, then I would have gone to look at the biography of Madame Curie on television, instead I fled aboard a jeep that perhaps is not even authorized to move, I introduced in a house, I stole things and I socialized with aliens. Welcome to my world!

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