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Transcriptions and Translations

Transcripts and translations published on the site Roswellitalia are for entertainment purposes and teaching. Are the property of the producers of the show and are used without permission of these. Roswellitalia does not own the characters that appear in the transcripts, and does not own the rights to this TV show on this site. Roswellitalia site is a non-profit organization. Not intend to break any laws. Translators and those who perform the transcripts, where possible, are reported in the transcript. If you have a legitimate reason why Roswellitalia need to remove part of the content, please contact us.

Transcripts and Translations

The transcripts posted on Roswellitalia are for entertainment and teaching / educational purposes only. They are the only property of the show's producers and are used here without Their permission. Roswellitalia does not own the characters in any of These transcripts, nor does it own any rights to the television shows on this site. Roswellitalia is a not-for-profit website. No Infringements are intended whatsoever. Writers of These transcripts and websites where they sono stati collected from are Given in full transcript files. If you have a legitimate reason for Roswellitalia to remove Those scripts, please feel free to contact us.

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Caps episodes, images and videos are owned by the WB, UPN, or RAI Italian radio and television. Where specified, you can see the source of the images is not the property of the above. All caps are from except where specifically indicated. Do not intend to infringe copyrights, all the images are for entertainment and education. Any use for commercial purposes is a violation of copyright.

Images and Video

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Caps galleries and videos are property of the WB, UPN, or the RAI network. When others, source site will be specified if it's possible. All screen captures originally posted on Unless Otherwise Indicated. No Copyright Infringement intended, all images displayed Solely for purposes of academic discussion. Any commercial usage is in violation of copyright.

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