Love for Roswell

Love for Roswell and its characters brought fans from around the world to create stories and images that go beyond the episodes of our favorite TV show.

The front fan is going to FANATIC (later reduced to fans, in the sense of someone who is closely following, which supports and endorses something - in short, stunned like us!) = Fiction narrative (fiction on TV are the serial type Roswell, but also Carabinieri in Italy!) so the fanfiction stories are invented by fans.

For the fan art the same rule applies for fan fiction

NOTE: Some fan fiction and fan art contain spoilers (ie events or reminders that will occur in the third series still unpublished in Italy). In this case you will find next to the title the words SPOILER.

Roswellino Forewarned is forearmed!

From the imagination of fans and webmistress is born this: Forum @ Fanitalia A forum for free speech not only of Roswell and other TV series, but also movies, comics, books and so much more !! Roswellitalia Chat's meet to talk about anything and everything !! Fan fiction For readability, this section has a further division by gender, couples etc ... Fan Art The most beautiful fan art on the web. A shame not to look Polls I see some beautiful ... Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder.

This section includes all the books written by the author of the series Roswell High American Melinda Metz.

And 'starting from his books that it was decided to develop the television series, inspired by these stories.

For each book includes a brief translation of the back cover and the cover image; in some cases there are two covers of the same book: the first depicts the characters as they imagined the author, while the second is the version after roswell on TV.

Unfortunately there is no translation of the books in Italian, but you can buy them in the original language, ordering through the site amazon (if you have a credit card) or through the site Italian Unimatrix-zero.

Did you know that our show is not filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, but in Covina ...

In short, "where the hell is Covina?" someone might ask. Well if you have never been to the county fair in LA (Los Angeles) in Pomona, California, about thirty miles east of Los Angeles, there probably will be passed through without realizing it.

Take Route 10 to the overpass Citrus Ave. and continue north for a few blocks ... And here you are!

The signs that we have seen in the show (like the Crashdown and dell'Ufocenter) are gone, now that the show is over. But most of the buildings are still there. You can find exact addresses by clicking on the small picture below.

Unfortunately we found out that the building of the center UFO was shot down.

The building that was used for the Crashdown is still there and has recently reopened as a restaurant. So you have the chance to make a meal in the famous Crashdown.

The restaurant is called "The Citrus Grill" - is located at 223 N Citrus Ave.

And 'open for lunch and dinner and offers hot and cold sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads, famous courses such as T-bone steak and the chicken marsala.

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