Heart of Mine

Blood Brothers

Did you happen to find the only person in the world with which you wanted to stay? With the wind that blows through his hair and with the song that describes your mood that is broadcast on the radio? And that person loves the same song? So you feel in perfect harmony. And despite your life has taken a turn a little 'crazy here comes this unique moment, this magical moment, perfect. And you think: "Nothing can take away this time."

But ... Something you take him away.

Fatality. It 'amazing how in an instant things can change. Just a wild horse crossing the road and the truth on behalf of Max is likely to come to the surface. I could use another fatality to change the direction of things, to prevent something bad from turning into something much worse ...

Heat Wave

'December 2, are Liz Parker and this heat wave has gone to his head at all .....

The heat increases, melts things, and even people ..... sends boiling. And the observation of the effects of the heat around me makes me notice so resounding that I have not let her go towards life ... which are as locked.

The heat wave is over, and I'm the only person in Roswell who has not benefited. But it's better that way. Because if Max Evans and I had succumbed to the temptation, if only we had kissed even once, we'd end up in a place that it would be better to avoid ...

The Balance

There are days when you think that everything goes wrong, every little mishap, exasperates you for no reason and then there are days like today for example, when the world smiles at you from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, until you close to bedtime, days when you like even clean the machine for whipping cream.

I've always been one who knows how to deal with the difficulties. I do what is necessary, and I remain lucid. But see Michael in those conditions and not knowing quite what he had and how to help him, I was scared. I was afraid that one day, it could happen to Max and I would not have been able to help a person who means so much to me, that means everything. Sexual Healing 20 February are Liz Parker lately I had strange feelings I feel inside of me I'm changing, a part of me does not want to change would continue to be a child, but these feelings are strong, scary, undeniable feel they have no choice is as a chemical reaction ... Into the woods.

The front fan is going to FANATIC (later reduced to fans, in the sense of someone who is closely following, which supports and endorses something - in short, stunned like us!) = Fiction narrative (fiction on TV are the serial type Roswell, but also Carabinieri in Italy!) so the fanfiction stories are invented by fans.

I hate it when the cold starts. That strange feeling that you are going to happen something that you can not stop. Something that can be mild if you do not do any imprudence, but that can lie down on the ground if you're not careful.

I believe that everyone can have a reason to reject the other, is instinctive to protect themselves from suffering, is part of human nature. I would just like Max who understood him, and he realized that he is no different from all of us. Maybe then we could hope for something.

For most of the Second Season Liz writes in his diary. And she explains the reason for its change.

Heart of Mine

And 'April 27, I'm Liz Parker and I think I understand why I do not write this diary for almost a year ... And' curious that he understood something so deep the boy most superficial of America.

We were there all along, with all that had happened in the last two years, the battles we had fought, relationships that were born, the feelings that we tried and we thought they could resist forever. But at that time I had the very clear feeling that this would be the last time we were all together ...

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We try to live responsibly our lives but we can not say to our heart what to feel. Sometimes our heart leads us where we would never think of going ... Feelings are the most gentle and kind that we have, sometimes we feel sad, angry, excited, confused ... A little 'more ...

But now my heart is open and I'm writing again ... I feel ... I breathe ...

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