1903 Born James Atherton Born in 1932 at the Dog River Indian Reservation Mesaliko.

Claudia was born in 1933 (maiden name unknown) - mother of Jeff Parker

Born in 1942 Deputy Owen Blackwood Reserve Indiana Mesaliko.

1947 Something crashes to the ranch owned by WW "Mac" Brazel. One or two days later, Mac went to Roswell where recounts the incident to the Sheriff George Wilcox, who reports to the Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel's 509esimo Bomb Group that quarantines the crash site and removes debris .

The July 8, 1947, a press release announced that the wreckage of a flying saucer were found by 509esimo Bomb Group at Roswell by Col. William Blanchard. Hours later the first statement is canceled and the second press release states that the 509esimo Bomb Group had incorrectly identified a balloon as the wreckage of a flying saucer. (info. from the International UFO Museum courteous real).

Love for Roswell and its characters

1951 Born Philip Evans. - Born Sheriff James Valenti. Diane was born in 1952 (maiden name unknown) Evans. - Born Special Agent Stephens (name unknown).

1955 Born Parker.- Jeff Atherton public "Among Us", setting out various theories about the existence of extraterrestrials, and how we can put you in touch with them. Nancy was born in 1957 (the unknown cognonome maiden) Parker (Mother of Liz).

1958 Born Milton Ross -Attuale manager UFO Museum. 1959 James Atherton is assassinated at age 56, by a dear friend known only as Nasedo (Misaliko for "visitors"). The photos reveal a silver hand print on her upper left pectoral muscle. This murder is witnessed by River Dog who was only a few hundred yards and could not do anything (according to his description of the facts).

1961 Starts Amy De Luca. 1964 Creation of Special Agent Topolsky. 1977 Philip and Diane Evans marry. 1979 Jeffery and Nancy Parker marry. 1983 Born: Kyle Valenti - Maria De Luca - Alex Whitman - Liz Parker 1984 Jeff Parker opens Crashdown CAFE. 1987 Liz Parker wearing the hideous dress with cakes to school in Kindergarten (Max says that in the Pilot).

Love for Roswell and its characters brought fans from around the world to create stories and images that go beyond the episodes of our favorite TV show.

1989 Max and Isabel Evans emerge from the cocoons of icubazione, in the desert of New Mexico with the characteristics of human children of six years. Are collected on the roadside by Philip and Diane Evans. Then adopted and raised by Evans. - Even Michael Guerin emerges from incubation, but instead is found by the Child Welfare (childcare) and by the Social Services. Is placed in foster homes until the one where he currently resides with a single man (Hank Whitmore) living in a trailer.

1991 Max Evans sees Liz Parker for the first time in the third class. - The International UFO Museum was founded in Roswell. Its three founders are participating the Roswell incident: Walter Haut, Glenn Dennis, and Little Max.

1992 Alex Whitman meets Liz Parker in the fourth class. However, do not become great friends until the following year (fifth grade).

1999 A shot hits Liz Parker during an argument at the Crashdown. Max Evans uses his alien powers to heal it, starting a chain reaction of events that are still proving ... - Claudia - mother of Jeff Parker - He died in the hospital at the age of 66 years (episode "Leaving Normal" )

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